how can I get My Hospital or Restaurant ON Board? 

Hospital Staff

Hospital Staff

If you or someone you know is a hospital staff member who would like to receive restaurant meals from local donors, please provide your administrator's contact information. We will get your hospital on board once your administrator gives approval and your sign-up is set up, and promptly include restaurants in your area to Kitchen To Ward.

Restaurant Staff

If you work at a local restaurant nearby any hospital in our program, and would like to send your meals, purchased by donors, please provide the contact information of your restaurant owner, manager, or whoever is responsible for reaching out. We will get you on board once the hospital approves food delivery from your restaurant. Be sure to continue to follow the meal preparation guidelines after approval. We take these guidelines into consideration when we reach out to restaurants ourselves. 

In the Kitchen

Meal Preparation Guidelines

  1. All meals must be prepared in restaurants with an up-to-date health permit

  2. All meals must be prepared in a commercial kitchen: meals prepared in homes are not accepted by healthcare facilities 

  3. Meals must be individually packaged