Why we do what we do

Knowing that we uplift a hospital worker's day, even through a single meal donation, and seeing their joy is priceless. We are overwhelmed by they gratitude they express for  something the rest of us take for granted. We will continue to ensure more healthcare workers, regardless of financial background, do not have to worry about making or buying their next meal and can focus better on aiding patients dependent on their expertise during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are equally proud for having supported local restaurants who do not possess the resources to thrive solely by offering order delivery or pickup.


"My name is Rebecca and I’m the Community Engagement Representative here at Temple Hospital. We would like to thank you for your generous donation to our frontline staff! It is truly appreciated."

"Thank you for providing meals to our Advocate Aurora doctors, nurses and staff. We are extremely grateful for all that you do."

How do we know if hospitals actually need the meals you made a donation for?

When we create our sign-ups, we use preexisting recurring meal schedules that hospitals we work with provide us. If they do not have an established schedule, we make sure that for every day of the week, generate an estimate of the quantity of meals required well the as time of day we should deliver them by, prioritizing departments with staff most in need of the donations

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Want a receipt of your delivery?

Shoot us an email at ​kitchentoward@gmail.com.

Note: Many of our restaurant orders are from the donations of multiple individuals. Do not worry–you did not actually buy 100 dinners (although your generosity never ceases to surprise us)!

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